Smallest Guitar Controller in the World

If you were tired of the regular sized guitar controllers commonly used while playing Rock band and Guitar Hero, you must perhaps try the Riff Rocker. Riff Rocker is a palm sized USB ready controller, which makes playing the game more difficult. It is also being touted as the world’s smallest guitar controller. The Riff Rocker works only on Frets of Fire if you are using either Windows or Linux.

The Riff rocker is too small for comfort and is more like a showpiece than a real controller is. The fact that it costs $19.95 makes it a little zany to consider buying it. However, Frets of Fire, being an open source app, makes it possible to play Guitar Hero for free. Hence, spending on this cute Riff Rocker isn’t a bad idea.

If you already have it, you could learn how to customize your Guitar Hero Controller, to suit your taste. Nevertheless, the Riff Rocker is a pretty cool device that not only looks great but also makes playing music based games using Frets of Fire more fun.

Via: Kotaku