Chargepod: Gadgets Charger and USB Hub in One

The concept of USB and all-in-one Power hubs are fast catching up…especially with the Chragepod. Our increasing dependency on new gadgets and inventor’s fetish for something unconventional brings the delights of such hubs. The Hanging Man Gadget and also the VHS Hub and Cassette Hub mods were surely the perfect eye-candies, but the ChargePod V2 is another story.

With its bold black color and robust attire, the Chargepod seems have to originated from outer-space. Well, it’s the newest sibling from CallPod’s family of multi-point chargers. The $47 worth ChargePod is equipped to charge your Mac or PC along with 4 other gadgets. Three USB ports add to the totality of this cool gadget.