Retro Records Wave Design

The Sound Wave design is an abstract representation of music in the form of a literal wave, as seen at a beach. The Sound Wave aims to physically represent the effervescence and the impermanence of music industry, where artists and their records come in waves and go back to the ocean of records churned out by the industry. In fact, this in my opinion is a disparaging representation of the ill effects of a record company that commercializes a musician and his art.

Art is always timeless and when music, the crowning glory of art, is commercialized, it loses its permanence and is reduced to staying a few weeks at the Billboard Chart. This impermanence is aesthetically represented through the Sound Wave created by Jean Shin is a true representation of such a scenario in the modern music record industry.

JeanShin melted records and sculpted them to create an almost surreal cascading wave. Each wave perhaps symbolizes a generation too, which gets lost with the music it enjoyed, only to be followed by another wave, another genre and another style of music. In fact, art can be understood in unique ways by each person.

Lee J Rowland’s Realistic Wave Design is quite similar to this, artistic nonetheless, but technologically advanced too. We have also featured certain other designs, which pertain to music and music industry, including the Cassette Closet Design and the Tape USB Hub. Generations shall pass and but true art remains eternally appreciated just like the Sound Wave.

Via: Urlesque