Space Invaders Building is Hilarious

The Space Invaders Building is an amazing sight whether or not you love the little aliens. It is a truly entertaining video that whether or not if it is real…I don’t care.

We have always mentioned our love for the retro aliens, especially with the Space Invaders Gadgets collection and the oldie look they always provide. With all the graphics enhancements in all the video games today, it is still a game that more than provides a good time. In fact, you can even play it right on now…it is available on the Wibiya Toolbar below.

In this video provided in this post, a certain hack was created (or some form of viral video) where the Space Invaders Aliens invaded a huge building like was done before with the Tetris building. With the lights turning on and off in each separate room, it is truly comical and provides a wonderful tribute to this oldie video game.

Via: GeeksAreSexy