Fun Gadgets: Isis Puzzle Game

If you are the kind of person who likes to solve the mysteries of the world, including unfathomable puzzles and gadgets, you perhaps should try the ISIS, which is being touted as the world’s hardest puzzle to solve. The ISIS is built upon ancient hieroglyphics and symbols, which no one has been able to solve.

In fact, if you get to solve the ISIS riddle, you may hit a certain jackpot! Each ISIS comes with only one solution and it tests your patience, will, and self-confidence. If you are willing to test yourself to the limit, you may go ahead and get yourself an ISIS.

If you are not game for trying the world’s toughest puzzle, we have earlier featured a few easier ones such as the Sudoku Wristwatch or the Water Drop Puzzle. Go ahead, challenge yourself to tease your brains till they seek mercy and beg to be left alone.

The Isis puzzle is currently available at

Via: Geniegadgets