Pacman Coaster Set Retro Design

The Pacman is back with a great coaster set design that shows both the Atari retro Pacman and also the evil Blue Ghosts in a coll coffee table item.

Who doesn’t love good old Pacman? Everybody does. So here is another great collectible item of the retro Atari days that presents 6 coasters in all with Pacman, the different Ghosts and even the sweet cherry.

The entire set is made of perler beads like the Nintendo Punchout Characters we seen before or the Star Wars Stormtrooper Coasters but come together in a cool 3D box. Each coaster measures approximately 3″ by 3″ and would make a great gift for classic gamers and others who both need a practical item with a retro look.

The entire Pacman Coaster Set is $22 at Etsy’s.

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