Scrabble Computer Keyboard Mod is Scrabblicious

Computer Keyboards mods are always amazing and this beautiful Scrabble made keyboard is seriously scrabblicious with the popular letters of the board game.

We have seen a share of different cool computer keyboards, and this new scrabble themed one from Datamancer is just amazing. The creativity and work that have went into this mod is enormous, and the style and look of it can take the breathe away from more than a few geeks.

As expected if using Scrabble letters, the keyboard buttons are made from all the different letters (and their allotted point value of course). In addition, the actual Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll have the actual letter hallowed out and lights up when operated; beautiful last minute touch for a wonderful mod.

Keyboard mods are always cool to see, but it is also fun to see actual art made of them, and those are not a few. A few worth sharing are the Computer Keyboard Bags and even the Textile Keyboard Art.