Retro NES Famicom Box

The Retro NES Famicom Box is a video game blast from the past: the size, the style, the look, and the actual Nintendo games are something that true gamers would appreciate for the significance and inspiration it sprouted.

Most of have played the NES console, but what about the Nintendo Famicom Box? The Famicom Box is an old school retro gaming system that included 15 NES games such as Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, and more inside. True it is fun to have so many games within one console, but look at the size of this one?

I for one would still love to own one of these, for its nostalgic representation and also the actual NES games. I still love those and was really excited when practically every single one was made available Online, so you could play free nes games on firefox.

If you also love the NES, you could see some great modifications of it such as the Famicom Camera Mod or the Lego NES Mod.

Via: Newlaunches