Geeky Computer Cursor Oven Mitts

There is no better way to show your Geeky Computer love than these amazing cursor oven mitts. Now you can be a computer geek while cooking with these cool kitchen gadgets.

Some of the most familiar images, which are now deeply etched in our minds are the different computer and mouse cursors. The same ones are right in our face every single time we are using our laptop or desktop, unless we changed a theme to something else (which we probably got sick of quickly and changed back).

Now as if that is not enough seeing it at work, while surfing at home, or when simply emailing during our travels, now we can bring these cursor into our kitchen with the geeky oven mitts. They are designed to look exactly like the hand cursor, and are available for $24.99 at

If you can’t get the cursor away from your head and want other products that keep reminding you what controls your universe, there is also the Mouse Cursor Mouse from Art Lebedev or the Mouse Cursor Kite so you could point at thing way up from the sky.

Via: CoolestGadgets