iPod Bathroom Dock Home Gadget

The iCarta iPod Toilet Roll is an interesting home gadget, which allows you to listen to music when in the bathroom. You would no longer have to listen to the steady drone of water filling your tub while you lay bored and pensive. Moreover, it would certainly be entertaining to listen to your favorite track while enjoying a soothing and calming bath.

The iCarta iPod Toilet Roll could also be used while engaging other tasks in the bathroom, which I leave to your fertile imagination. The device comes with 4 moisture free speakers that are integrated into the device and the resulting quality is clear and flawless.

It even charges your iPod while you play music and it’s Audio Selector allows you to change tracks on iPod shuffle and other audio devices. The device could be mounted on a wall and requires AC power. The device is designed intuitively and the bath tissue holder can be folded to work like a stereo dock. The icarta iPod Toilet Roll costs $59.95.

If you are still looking for other kinds of iPod docks and accessories, you could go ahead and check out a DIY Cardboard iPhone Dock. You may even try the AeroSystem iPod Dock or build your own DIY iPod Dock which we featured sometime ago.

Via: BookOfJoe