How To Make a President Barack Obama 3D Cube

President Barack Obama is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis and many are coming up with amazing designs, creations and even Barack Obama Spy Gadgets inspired by the one and only. For those that are such amazing fans, there is a cool Barack Obama papercraft project, so you can have your own miniature 3D cubed president right at home with you.

This cool Barack Obama project from Cubecraft is a beauty whether or not he was actually voted for the presidency. It provides the actual figure, all the exact colored spots, illustrates the places to cut with a hobby knife and even shows the specific letters so when you attach parts…there will be no mistake.

With this great Barack Obama President cube, you can profess your support of this new US leader, have him ride with you everywhere you go, or simply grant your kids another outlook for arts and crafts witha  figure they may be familiar with. For other great Obama gadgets, designs and spinoffs, make sure to check out our other posts here.

Via: Treehugger