Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Coming

There’s still lot of time for Humans to evolve and reach the stage where going invisible would only be matter of genetic combination. For now, only J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter creation has the privilege of an invisible cloak. But the scientists at Duke University are working on a sophisticated device that can cloak an object form the visible light and eventually, humans. Harry potter will definitely have some competition in near future then.

It consists of a light-bending material that can divert electromagnetic waves around an object and reconnect them to other side. It would subvert almost limitless spectrum of waves with visible and infrared light to a great extent. The prototype cloak measures 20 x 4 inches and less than an inch in thickness.

The scientists are fast moving with idea and you could expect the device to hatch out from the developmental stage to actual devise. As you wait to team with Harry potter, you can jot down list of things you would do when you get one and also check the Harry potter Lego creations.

GearCrave Via Cnet.