Pocket Movie Video Gadget

Pocket Cinema is a cool miniature movie gadget, which lets you carry your movies with you and watch them whenever and wherever you wish to. The Pocket Cinema comes with innovative technology which makes it possible to project movies just like in the movie hall and the resulting image would be 50 inches wide. You would no more have to crease your eye corners in order to watch a movie on those annoyingly tiny portable DVD players. The Pocket Cinema makes it possible to watch movies stored in your cellphones, cameras, PSPs etc on walls, screens or anywhere else for that matter.

However, as you increase the image size or project it from a farther distance, the quality goes down. The Pocket Cinema comes with its own stereo speakers, which means you can watch movies with great sound quality too. The new gadget comes with a USB port and SD card slot. However, all this portability costs a little too much and the cool gadget costs 299.95 Pounds.

Just in case you were wondering if you could make your own movies on the go and watch them on a wall when you please to, you must check out the Video Editing Concept, which also can capture videos. Talking about portability, one couldn’t afford not reading about the Watch Camcorder we wrote about recently.

Via: Firebox