Creepy Machine Artwork: Impossible Flying Machines Sculptures

There are some bizarre and off art sculptures we have seen before such as the Typewriter Robots or the Terminator Bike, and this additional art piece from Jud Turner, the Trilo Temporalis – an “Impossible Flying Machine”, is both a little strange and may also creep more than a few out.

The Trilo Temporalis gives me a sense of an innovative sculpture with an antique style. Its parts and style make it look like a long and eerie spinal cord that would be fitting for some alien species in some B-side Sci-Fi movie. When I asked Jud how he could describe it, here is what he had to say:

“TriloTemporalis” is one in a series of sculptures on the theme of “Impossible Flying Machines” – basically man-made contraptions that abuse nature and biological law in order to achieve short-term gains, without
consideration for long range effects.  Visual parables on the modern condition, of a sort.
“TriloTemporalis” is about the paralytic and circular nature of time; a future/primitive mechanized fossil that is both trapped by man-made ideas of time, yet completely free to swim in it’s own temporal soup.

It is still art, so I guess we would all take what we wish from this morbid looking piece. As in technical specs and material, it is made of welded steel and various found objects, and is mounted on adjustable height steel base 24″ long x 10″ wide x 7″ deep.

The Trilo Temporalis artwork will be among additional of Jud’s artwork in a gallery showing in Eugene, OR. this February.