Terminator Bear Toy Freaks Me Out

As if the the Terminator is not freaky enough, they have now combined it with a bear, bringing the Bearbrick Terminator to life in a morbid and crazy looking toy.

Bearbrick makes some odd looking bears in different themes and fashion and now with the upcoming Terminator Movie made a new version of the endoskeleton model in a bear toy called T-Rip. It isn’t everyday that you see a lovable toy such as the Care Bears turned into a horrifying model…unless you think of good ol’ Chucky from Child’s Play.

The T-Rip Bear looks like the model with the bright red eyes, endoskeleton print and robotic colors, making it a great collectible for the Terminator movie fans. If you would rather go for some thing with a little more presence, you can check out the Bio-Cycle held together with a silver skeleton, the Terminator T-800 Replica, or the Exoskeleton Suit.

Via: LikeCool Product: Bearbrick