Laser Golf Putter Club Helps Your Putting Game

If you are bad at aiming the ball into the hole at the golf course, you really must try the Laser-Equipped Putter. The new gadget, known as Argon Laser Putter helps you master the short game. In fact, a straight swing is what you need to putt right (pun intended).

This golf-learning device helps beginners practice to perfection and develop putting in a straight line. The gadget comes with a Putting Dome which lights up if the ball manages to hit the centee. However, you may perhaps not want to try this at any exclusive golf clubs. The Argon Laser Putter costs $70.

We had also featured the Digital Golf Putter, which comes with an LCD, if you were looking for something really geekish. Golf always seemed boring to me, but with all these cool gadgets, certainly not!

Via: OhGizmo