Lighter Spy Gadget with Miniature Camera

If you were planning to join the espionage department in your country and were looking at ways to impress those men in black suits, you could get yourself the Ajoka’s Cigarette Lighter spy cam. The ciggy lighter is a miniature spy camera in disguise and can record videos in AVI format at an amazing 30 frames per second, considering its size. The gadget also supports 8GB microSD.

The lithium ion battery makes sure your spy gadget runs continuously for 6 hours, though it can be charged the moment you see a USB plug. However, your enemies might wonder why you are hell bent upon charging your cigarette lighter. Well, if your negotiation and tricking skills are not good enough, you shouldn’t be planning to join the espionage department in the first place. If you have a number of spies with you, you could order these cigarette lighters wholesale for $150 per piece.

The Ajoka Cigarette lighter comes with American Dad caricatures, so make sure which country you are from, lest you be taken to be an enemy of your own country. If you wanted a little more variety among the spy gadgets you could buy, do check out the Barack Obama Belt Buckle or the list of Cool Spy Gadgets. I am sure you would not be disappointed.

Via: SlipperyBrick