Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 8

On this Weekly Roundup, Walyou has gathered some cool stuff as always, bringing various news from the Internet in one list. This time there is a shooting spree suspect PS3 instructions, a few Terminator mentions, cool new gadgets as always, a Zelda car, breakfast concepts, the Anti-Wifi paint and more interesting items.

We hope you find at least one post which intrigues you and enjoy the 8th Walyou Weekly Post Roundup. If you have some other ideas for posts or future roundups, please send us your tips to [email protected].

Hyperlink Icons Pixel Art

Geeky Are You Human Captcha Design

Hellboy Lego Creation

Icon Wristwatch

Shoot Up Villains Design

Terminator Bear Toy

Walyou Blog Video Review

Terminator Skeleton Bicycle


Turtle Musical Speakers

Super Mario Brothers 3 Stitch Map Art

Minoru 3D Webcam

Extra Pulp T-Shirt

Post Functional Toaster Catapults Bread

New Paint Stops Wifi Stealing Neighbors

Sweet Ride: A Legend of Zedla Themed Car

Suspect Leaves PS3 with Ebay Instructions to Roomate before Shooting Spree

Frog to Prince Transformation Kit

Who Tall Are You Mirror

Movie Trivia: Stand By Me

The Recycled Hard Drive Clock