Cool Star Wars Kites Take Flight

If you were looking for some great amusement, you must perhaps check out these 3D Star Wars Kites. These kites are inspired by the Star Wars and come in two different models. You could choose between Luke Skywalker’s Wing and the Sarth Vader’s Tie Fighter. Though there are three different models shown in the picture, the third Millennium Falcon is not available yet.

With technology coming to the rescue, these kits can even send 3D faxes of the film spacecraft. The 3D kites cost $39.99 at ThinkGeek.comand will be available from April 12, 2009. All you would need to do now to prove you are a real geek is to buy one of these and scoff at those people who wait for the wind to blow and the kite to fly without getting entangled at electric poles.

If you are still looking for some Star Wars gear, get yourself the morbid Darth Vader Gas Mask. On the other hand, you could try the weird Trooper Helmet, which also is designed based on the Star Wars.  All the Jedis must be turning in their graves, with so many Star Wars inspired gadgets in the market.

Via: SlashGear