Camera Lens Filter an Amazing Calendar Design

Sharad Kaksar has innovated the Camera Lens Filter into a wonderful calendar design, which looks like a camera lens but is in fact a chic calendar. The shutter speed and aperture rings enable the user to view the year, month and date. The design is targeted at Sharad’s own international clients and this could be the unique calendar gift a person could own.

In addition to its exclusivity, the Camera Lens Calendar is a unique dedication to people who love photography and the dazzling world it has created for us. The device shows dates right from 2008 till 2032 and weighs about 4kgs. It also must be one of the heaviest calendars I have come across.

The Match Calendar Design and the Bubble Wrap Calendar are interesting calendars we have featured earlier.  It never hurt anyone to invest a small fortune to get a chic calendar, for the future generations may know that you were not such a dino after all!

Via: DesignZen