Killer Robots are DJ’s and Spies

Spykee series by Cedric Ragot is a unique concept that comes with many features like a personal spy, Killer robots, and even a DJ if the groove gets a little monotonous. The Spykee Vox is an interesting model from the Spykee series. This new gadget not only obeys your commands by voice or remote, but can also show human-like emotions. You could choose to play great music with your iPod and when in a weird mood, it may cause some collateral damage by spilling the blood of people around it.

The Spykee VOX Killer Robots come with three microphones, a remote, USB plug, stereo loudspeakers for you to listen music at its best and an iPod dock, of course. If you were more interested in its spy-features, the gadget is equipped with an obstacle detector, IR sensors and some mean attitude.

Spykee series is being manufactured and you could expect it to be in market in a while. This certainly looks like an interesting product, which anyone would buy. Now since the design also has DJ features, it must be able to mix music and create a real party atmosphere.

This comes to our next conclusion that the Spykee VOX could be the best guy to hangout with at a party. You could check out a few other robots we have featured earlier. The Self Balancing Robot and the Scary Cleaner Robot are my personal favorites. However, Spykee VOX is more versatile and can do many things that ordinary robots can’t. Let’s just wait and pray it gets to the market soon.

Via: YankoDesign