Green Train Runs on Europe’s Grass

With materialism enveloping money in a veil of money-centric thoughts, we are left with little time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Visible long stretches of greenery have been replaced by fragmented grids so we have yet another excuse.

But Europe could be an exception. With the Grass-Lined Green Train Railway Design, Tram commuters will surely have a better way to utilize their traveling time, rather than just digging their heads inside books or laptops. The landscaping railway design intends to be easy on environment and reduce the effects of urban heat island effect. Public transportation gets a makeover here and the beauty and benefit of this idea that makes it to the top 25 urban designs featured in Monocle Magazine. So we can hope that in times to come, cities will be no longer tagged as concrete jungle because of such novel ideas.

Via Inhabitat