Blank Cassette Wallet Design

If you had always wanted a wallet that’s not only unique but also retro at the same time, you can try getting yourself the Blank Cassette Wallet. The Cassette Wallets are hand made and each one is unique, so you wouldn’t catch another guy using the same wallet as yours. An interesting design, it may be a little difficult to be used, as it wouldn’t be flexible like leather.

In addition, you wouldn’t like something hard in your back pocket when you sit down, would you? Moreover, there does not seem to be enough space for all the cards and cash you may want to keep. Nevertheless, it is a cool thing to have and costs a steep $43 for a wallet.

There are also other retro cassette designs, which we have featured earlier like the USB Cassette Tape. You could also learn how to get your own Cassette Storage closet design made completely out of tapes. Retro designs never seem to go out of fashion. Perhaps a certain nostalgia tugs at our hearts which make us desire gadgets that look retro.

Via: CrunchGear