How To Make a Robot Mini You

If you loved the Mini Me character from Austin Powers and always wondered how it would be to have an actual Mini You around, this robot reproduction may be just the entertaining solution for you.

A company by the name of Little Island has began the production and recreation of a small army of robotic look alikes. Who’s the customer? You! Consumers throughout who may be affected by an increased case of narcissism or actually want to have a Mini Me look alike of themselves contact this company for such a robotic reproduction.

This small human look alike is approximately 40 cm tall with some internal hardware installed, such as: Windows XP OS, 500 Mhz processor, 80 GB hard drive, movement servos and connection cables for power and ethernet. This may actually make the Mini You more compatible and connected than you are.

Although price varies for each individual order, you would have to provide pertinent details based on how much of a look alike you would like this Mini You to be more and more like you.

Via: TechPin