Stirling Engine Kit Makes a Great Mechanical Toy

Sterling Engines are known to spin on a desk with no aim, just for the viewer’s entertainment. However, Gakken’s Sterling Engine kit is more than that and is a mechanic’s path to salvation. The Gakken’s Sterling Engine comes with wheels and can actually move around as you wish.

However, the Gakken’s Sterling Engine comes in a kit and the components need to be assembled, which is a back breaking task, unless you have a great mechanical aptitude. It is easy to get confused while looking reading the manual but is well worth the effort once you assemble the components.

If you like geeky toys like this, you would certainly like the Terminator Bear Toy and the Voice Activated Helicopter. Nevertheless, if you are willing to spend hours trying to assemble this mechanical Gakken’s Sterling Engine, you can buy one for yourself for $119.99.

Via: RetroThing