Soap Bars PS3 Controllers Keep Gamers Clean

What is not to love with these soap bars that are shaped just like the real PS3 controllers gamers are used to? They are clean, colorful and make up one of the funnest gaming controllers ever.

The soap bars PS3 controllers come in a variety of colors and scents and make in between gaming sessions a lot more hygienically driven, for after so many hours of playing, one should at least wash up, get refreshed but still keep the high score target in mind.

Whether you are a full on gamer even in the off time or simply looking for another way to make clean up fun, the cool soap PS3 controllers could really make washing up a good time. They come in Coconut Lime, Blackberry, Hot Fudge and additional scents, and could consist of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or more goodies to take care of your skin.

DigitalSoap Via: PS3Maven