Guitar Picks Custom Valentine Message for your Man

With Valentine’s Day usually being a girl and Hallmark holiday, here comes a great Valentine gift idea for your boyfriend and loved one in a silver guitar pick custom with a special message of meaning.

This cool guitar pick found at Etsy’s is made of sterling silver and is a great musician gift for your man. It can be customized with song lyrics, love you notes, special names or anything else that can fit on the actual pick.

The special pick is hand cut, stamped, filed, sanded and polished and could be a great gift idea for Valentine for the musician in your life. In addition, for those interested in such detail, the special pick is also of medium thickness, so you can rest assured it will still has practical use besides the love connotation.

Just for your information, the artist has stamped a line from the Beatles song “I Will” to present in the examples. The pick itself costs $47.50.

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