Alcatel Phones Made from Lego

If you ask me about urban legends, I wouldn’t talk about Candyman or about Jack the Ripper, but I would talk about the plethora of new Lego devices in the market like the new Alcatel Lego Phones. Alcatel apparently has tied up with Lego and they may together rule the world of mobile phones and toys, if things go their way.

However, they also should have done a little market survey before jumping into the act as even kids would prefer to buy something technologically advanced. However, the Lego gadgets are bought and appreciated not for their technical prowess, but for the artistic quality and nostalgic element which are inherent in them.

A disappointment however is that the Alcatel Lego Phones do not come with Lego building blocks, but with replaceable modular face plates, which make the Alcatel Lego Phone revel in fake glory. There is no word about either the availability or the price, which means it could just end up as a concept like most other designs do.

If you are however looking for some real Lego designs, check out the cool Lego Pixel Art. If art isn’t your thing, scare yourself sh*t with the Lego Jack Skellington. Well, I just want people to know that even the zaniest things in life must remain original. When things get fake, people won’t give it a second thought.

Via: GadgetHeat