Santa Cruz Skateboards in Fun Flash Drive

If you are a skater: skaterboy or a skatergirl, you would love the Skate Drive. The Skate Drive is modeled on our beloved skating boards which not only provide entertainment but also a rush of adrenalin which no other sport can give. And when you are not skating, why not have a USB Flash drive that looks like the skateboard just to remind you of all the fun that is possible outside the realm of cyberspace and geekhood!

The Skate Drive comes with a minimal storage space of 2GB but I would treat this as an art gadget rather than look and criticize its technical specifications. The Skate Drive was created with the assistance of Santa Cruz skateboards. If you like to play with your flash drive use Skater Drive’s leash.

If you lose the cap, you would have a story to tell: How an unnamed Skaterboy met with a gruesome accident and broke his board in two!

Well jokes apart, this gadget is a rather cool one and costs $21.99. Check out other cool USB Flash drives like the Flash Drive Coins or the Finger Print Flash Drive. If you are in a mood to play pranks, you could also check out the Prank USB Flash Drive.

Via: CoolestGadgets