Custom Pencils as Drumsticks

Nobody taught us to bang random things against table or similar objects like we would with drumsticks when boredom incapacitates our mind as to what I do now! We have often tapped our pencils amid a boring lecture or to alert people in your vicinity that you need help in the exam hall.

If I told you about Pencils that doubled as Drumsticks, at the first instance drummers will take it as a lame tip. I am more than glad to say it isn’t. Brazillian Drum teacher Christian Delano created Drumstick Pencils that help in promoting music lessons.

Guys at Toxel say that the concept isn’t an original one and Moko Sellars have their version of these Drumstick Pencils for as much as £5. If these pencils make you want to be a musician, you could check the Drawdio Music pencil too.

Via: Toxel