Mood Lamp Gadget Reacts to Touch and Music

The Alien looking Mood Lamp from Beingz is a great entertaining lamp that reacts to your touch and even background music. It is a new gadget that will offer you both light visuals and a weird shape on your desk, keeping you distracted.

If Alien objects and shapes to be gathered in your room is what your modern designer suggested to improve your mood, then this mood lamp is the right gadget for the job. Offered in either Magenta or Yellow/Green combo, this cool lamp is touch sensitive to your needs.

By a simple tap, touch or even stroke, the light visuals change, offering you a private room entertainment right on your personal desik. In addition, there is a built-in mini mic that listens to the music you are playing and providing its own visuals for company.

Both are these mood lamps are offered at Amazon for approximately $37 for the Magenta colored one and $39.99 for the Yellow/Green combo. Pick one up for yourself and see how your mood changes.

Via: ForeverGeek