Fender Electric Guitar Lamp

If you are a guitar player or a musician at all, this Fender electric guitar lamp may be a great inexpensive gift to add to your wishlist.

This cool guitar lamp sports the fine Fender Stratocaster electric guitar design, and the brand any rock n roll lover is familiar with. Instead of taking extra money out of your pocket, you would be happy to know this cool music item is powered by USB, so when you add it on your desk, it will light it up while you are working on your computer.

Moreover, this lamp design is miniature in its size, standing at only 11″, so it is easy to carry from room to room. This way, as you move around the home with your notebook…the lamp can go with you.

The lamp is available for only $19.99 and could make a great gift for the guitar player in your family.

Via: ChipChick