Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 11

Another week and another Walyou Roundup is here! As always, it includes great posts, images and funny items from the net that we came across during the week and either weren’t able to get to or weren’t necessarily a Featured post subject. That still doesn’t mean you should miss out on it.

This time we have a Terminator theme, 3D Kratos, Keyboard Keys, Android Apps, Memory Erasing RX, Beer Bong, Spongebob Squarepants, Bicycle Art, Math Calculation, Yarn Art, Sumo Wrestlers, 3D Mario, Lego Figures, Nixie Tube Clock, iPhone Guitar, Custom Lego PC and more.


3D Super Mario Papercraft Animation

Space Invaders Game Pixel Cookies

Sumo Wrestler Hoppers are Fun Gadgets for Adults

Internal Combustion Engine Art from Bones

Geeky Guitar Hero Controller Tattoo

Terminator Theme Gadgets

Beer Bong Game Gadget

Spongebob Squarepants Toys: 64GB USB Gadget

Bicycle Art for Apple Geeks

Math Calculation Coasters

Yarn Art of Old Macintosh Desktop

Lego Figures Inside a Custom Lego PC

Nixie Tube Clock DIY Kits

3D Kratos from God of War using Zbrush

Obama Sushi

Keyboard Keys Salt and Pepper Shakers

RX Prescription Medication to Erase Memory

Sweetest Guitar Ever (on iPhone, at least)

Aquarium L-13

Wake Up to Chirping with the Early Bird Alarm Clock

Transformers 2 Toy Robots Revealed

Covered wagons: When Paint JUst Ain’t Enough

12 Foolish and Ridiculous Phone Concept Designs

Rusted Steampunk USB Flash Drive

The Pac-man Dossier