Camping Sleeping Bag Bear Will not Save you from Hunters

Ever wanted to camp in the great outdoors and were afraid of being robbed? Well, get hold of the Sleeping Bear Pack and fool the nasty people into believing it is a sleeping bear lying out on the open. You can be assured that no one would venture near you and you will have a sound sleep no matter where you are sleeping.

Only, make sure you are not using this in the summer or in the tropics, for you can literally be boiled inside the think fur of some bear. Bears can be funny creatures and when they see the Sleeping Bear Pack, and may try to wake you up instead. Who knows, if the Bear Pack smells good enough, they may even want to sleep with you!

Well, less said about the bears is better. What really scares me is encountering a hunter who might mistake you for a bear and blow your head off, literally. That way, you may be saved from robbers and bears, but watch out for those nasty hunters with guns!

There is no information about either the price or availability, which is  quite unfortunate. You could also try other camping gadgets like the Laser Flashlight, Natural Portable Charger, or the Cook Like Gadget which can help you take care of your other camping needs like lighting, charging your portable gadgets and cooking on the go.

Via: RandomGoodStuff