Metal Belt Buckle Featuring Pacman and the Ghosts

If you are a big Pacman fan and are looking for some cool accessories to wear around that will both gather attention and are retro fashion items, then this metal belt buckle is for you.

The two metal belt buckles feature the good old Pacman characters in a fashion item that we may not be used to…a Pacman buckle or a ghost buckle. While the Pacman one is colorful and truly stands up to its look we remember from the game, the ghost one is made of chrome and also has an evil look to it.

I personally like the Ghost belt buckle a little more, for it looks like the villain should and has a skull style to it, including the pixel image we have always been used to. The two range from $15.99 to 19.99 and can be found at Amazon.

Pacman Buckle or the Ghost Buckle.