$2.5 Million for an iPhone 3G


In case you wondered what innovations and designs are coming out in such a time of economic crisis, check out the King’s Button iPhone 3G, which is probably the world’s most expensive iPhone running for $2.5 Million.

This new iPhone design by Peter Aloissonis not just for the wealthy or high paid individuals but for the extremely filthy rich. Why is it $2.5 Million? here are the reasons:

The main iPhone 3G button is made of a 6.6 Carat diamond

The phone is made of 18 Carat Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold, and…

Its border has 138 finely cut diamonds for an extra fashion sense

The thing I wonder is if someone actually pays such a price for the luxurious iPhone 3G, do they have to use AT&T or pay extra to have it unlocked.

Via: AllTechnoBlog

16 thoughts on “$2.5 Million for an iPhone 3G

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  3. L.

    It’s a really beautifil phone but maaaaaaaan for 2.5 million $ ?!?!??! OMG but i still want it LOL maybe if i’m gonna married to a rich guy XD

  4. karly.

    wtf.. for a phone!
    yeah spend money on luxiory items you don’t even need.
    But we are complaining about Gas prices and other things.

  5. someone.

    2.5 million who will want that phone its does no t do any thing more the the regular iphone what if you lose it or drop it

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