World’s Smallest Helicopter


I have always wanted to be able to fly, but with the current innovations it hasn’t been a possiblity. Now, a new transport product was introduced as the World’s Smallest Helicopter that allows us a personal leisure transportation.

The Gen H-4 is a tiny personal vehicle that weighs merely 155 pounds and has enough room for one person to fly on. As you maneuver, fly and occupy it, it is the closest thing to personal flight besides the personal jet packs we previously seen.

The only downfall is still the hefty price tag of $35,000, but for those who can afford such toys…it could be a touch of heaven.

Via: Urlesque

6 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Helicopter

  1. Wayne.

    $35,000 to hover ten feet off the ground in an experimental decapitation machine, that is obivously no serious form of transportation. Just by looking at the video, it is obvious that any moderate wind, or gusting would make this vehicle deadly.
    Paragliding is no serious form of transportation either, other than that you go where the updrafts take you, and you may still die if you are unlucky enough, but at least you don’t have to worry about being decapitated, and it’s a hell of alot cheaper(and quieter) than $35,000.
    (And, I have a reserve! though, still not a 100% safe sport)

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  3. Dominic.

    “The only downfall is still the hefty price tag of $35,000” hehe or so you hope.
    Nice choice of words. This thing needs some sort of airbag should the engine
    stall at 1000ft – maybe a huge “helium-bag” that shoots out the top displacing
    enough air to gently lower you to the ground (hopefully not the aligator pid at
    the local zoo)

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