Blood Spill Pillow Design is Bloody Awesome


I am not sure if this Blood spill pillow design is horrifying or hilarious, but one thing is for is creative. It could definitely be a great way to prank and scare all your friends, or even cause your Mom to get a severe heart attack.



Fromkeetra has presented amazing pillow designs entitled Blood Puddle Pillow that show as if the people pictured have been shot in the head and have mass blood loss. Some of the images look pretty real, while others let us see it is some form of funny prank.



They claim that it is a project that was inspired when loved ones sleeping by you are in a moment of complete stillness, making you wonder of their wellness. In this morbid interpretation, they combined both fear and humor into one comforting pillow.



I would love to get my hands on this pillow and play a trick on a friend or relative, but I’m afraid that some may not be too happy with such a joke.



Thanks Jason for the link.