Hershey’s Chocolate USB Gadget for Chocolate Lovers


Hershey has been all geared to wrap your life in chocolate essence through its flagship stores delivering everything from T-shirts to even Chocolate-scented lotions. Since resisting chocolates is something not in the ambit of human potential, Hershey’s has been good in business for a long time. The chocolate brand has partnered with Jazwares and churned out USB drives that will be able in Hershey’s miniature shapes namely Goodbar, Krackel, Twizzlers, Bubble Yum and Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. With capacities running from 1 to 4 GB and priced at $14.99 to $29.99, Jazwares is the retail counter here. The chocolate feast doesn’t end here, for Hershey’s kisses and digital cameras shaped like Jolly Rancher, candy miniatures and Bubble Yum are too lined up for the USB treatment.  I am wondering if pushing these in my USB slots would release chocolate aroma in the room and ruin my diet regime each time I use it.

Via GearLog and Aleptu