Recycling Solutions for Gadgets and Computers


The prevalence of computers, mp3 players, and other such gadgets has increased by many hundreds of time in the last few years. The reason for this increase in electronic sales could be the fact that the gadgets and computers are not only getting more affordable, but have also become indispensable to people from all walks of life. The electronic industry has given jobs to millions of people and our economy depends on the sales and usage of these electronic goods.

However, there is a downside to the increased usage of electronic and computer products. Every time you replace your old monitor or a printer with a new and updated version, you would most probably have the gadget end up in a junkyard or worse, in the local dustbin. TV Monitors, computers and other such electronic gadgets contain heavy metals like mercury and lead, which when released into the soil or atmosphere, end up poisoning our environment.

Mercury and lead are known to cause cancers, brain dysfunctions and even birth defects among children born to parents who are exposed to these chemicals. This takes us back to our old computers and gadgets and poses us with the moral question of how we could get rid of our electronic waste safely and securely. The answer to this problem is not easy and can prove to be quite complicated. Most electronic goods that are discarded can be used by those who stay in underdeveloped and poor countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

There are many places where you can donate your old computers and gadgets, to be used by those who may need them, instead of dumping them unsafely. When you do dump your electronic waste without any regard to the environment, your waste may either be burned or incinerated or end up polluting the soil, water and air. Hence, trying to donate them to those who can still use them is not only a safe way to get rid of electronic waste, but also a benevolent gesture.


Dell takes your old computers and gadgets and donates them to the needy children and adults through National Christina Foundation. However, most of the times, it may not be easy to donate our electronic waste which takes us to the difficult task of giving them away to a company that recycles them safely so that no poisonous chemicals and materials are released into the environment.


ComputerDisposals is a U.K. based company which is WEEE compliant. They offer computer recycling and disposal services.


HP too has some waste disposal solutions for those who are looking at ways to get rid of electronic waste safely.


If you wish, you could even make some money by selling your junk and giving them to either Gazelle or WasteCare Waste Management.

In the end, it does not matter if you personally gain something by disposing the waste, but you would leave a less terrible carbon footprint when you take these measures and feel less guilty about it all.