Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 12

This has been a fun week at Walyou, and while there were less posts than usual, there were some really fun ones such as a Bloody prank, a Bear sleeping bag, Ink cartridge trick that saves you money, the most expensive iPhone 3G ($Millions), beautiful Tetris bracelet, Pacman Belt accessory, Google Business Card, the Evolution of Nintendo Controllers, Eraser Lamp, Star Wars Puki Doll, new PSP concept and much more great stuff.

As we try to vary the kind of subjects and additions to the Weekly Roundup in Walyou, we are hoping more bizarre, funny and cool stuff would be sent to us…from places we may not even know existed. If you do have that one amazing story, tip or item, send it to us to [email protected] and hopefully it will make it in such lists, or perhaps even fit the theme for a Featured post.


Have fun!

Electric Radiator Heater Shaped like a Paper Clip

Blood Spill Pillow Design is Bloody Awesome

Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridge Trick Can Save a Lot of Money

Classic Tetris Bracelet says Game Over

$2.5 Million for an iPhone 3G

Metal Belt Buckle Featuring Pacman and the Ghosts

Camping Sleeping Bag Bear Will Not Save You From Hunters

Nintendo Controllers Evolution

Electric Eraser Lamp Design

Star Wars Jedi Knight Puki Doll


Google Me – Unique Business Cards

Robots Star Controlling NYC Subways


Giant Japanese Schoolgirl Over Train

The Big Lebowski Quiz


A New Redesigned PSP May Be On the Way

A Duck Walks Into a Bar


Vinyl Figure of Kratos from God of War

Barack Eastwood