Electric Radiator Heater Shaped like a Paper Clip


These days everything is driven by a need to be as artistic and unique as possible and the Graffe electric radiator heaters by Sciroco are no exceptions. The Graffe Heater is shaped like a paper clip and is aimed at those who just don’t want heaters but something that adds style and panache to their bathrooms. The heater can be used in two different positions; horizontal and vertical.

When it is vertical or upright, you can use it to heat and when it is horizontal, you can use it to keep your towels warm. You would know how annoying it is to get out of the hot tub and stand shivering while the cold and damp towel makes things just worse. With the Graffe Heaters, you would never have to face such a situation.

However, the paper clip shaped Graffe Heaters can be awfully expensive and cost from 590 to 1,190 Euros, depending on the size and finish you would like to get. While we are talking about bathrooms, you could also check out the Electric Radiator Heater from Lego which is just as cool, or even better. I would say, bathing is not just about cleaning or washing oneself, but it is an experience to be enjoyed.

Via: Freshome