Classic Tetris Machine


Chrissie Macdonald has designed a classic Tetris machine that mimics the way the popular game looks. With so many colorful Tetris blocks being used, this machine certainly looks cool and bright.

It also takes you back on a journey of nostalgia and encourages you to relive the days when Tetris was a hot favorite among kids and teens alike. I still remember the days when we played the game on a bulky monitor that beeped every other minute. This concept looks artistic and nostalgic yet maintains a sort of futuristic element in it.

This infamous video game has encouraged a number of people to come with a great variety of art and designs and we have listed a number of them, such as the French Tetris Blocks or Tetris Ice Tray. I would personally love to see this Machine remake in reality, for I am sure it is a great art masterpiece.

Via: Likecool