Funny Tampon USB Flash Drive Gadget


We just mentioned how USB flash drives come in so many different variations, but this funny Tampon shaped one raises more than a few eyebrows. Who comes up with this ideas?

The Tampon USB gadget is a regular flash drive which comes in 3 different sizes: 1, 8 and 16 GB but the main factor is its look. I guess it could be used just like a regular USB, but also provide another option for female spies.

While I wouldn’t suggest any women out there to try storing this USB flash drive as they would a Tampon, I’m certain some would look at it as some possibility. The thing probably worrying is if the cap is missing when you are actually ready to use it.

Other odd flash drives this reminds me of is the Sperm shaped USB drive and the Condom storage concept.


Via: Gizmodo