Cardboard Computer Case Mod Makes it Easy to Be Green


The Cardboard Computer Case Mod is an amazing way to be Green and also have a unique looking computer on your desk, without the weight, senseless plastics and dull look.

Build as an actual functioning desktop, this PC is made of recycled and renewable cardboard, thus making the ability to recycle and get rid of the computer a lot more environmentally friendly and takes a lot of the regular components out of the equation.


This case mod was designed without ABS plastic, aluminum and steel, which usually make a computer tower and was developed with corrugated cardboard. There are 8 USB ports available, so you can still add all your external peripherals and make switching easy. Besides…it is a great way to care for the environment without losing the specs and definitely have a neta looking computer to use.


Via: 99Express Via: BitsAndPieces