Monty Python Killer Rabbit Gadgets


The Killer Rabbit is one of the most memorable movie animal characters and definitely of the top Monty Python creations. The funny scene alone makes the Monty Python and the Holy Grail stand out as one of the funniest flicks I have ever seen, and it was great to find some various gadgets and products that bring this rabbit to life. For those unfamiliar with the furry but vicious animal or for the others who want another laugh, the scene could be found below…still crazy after all these years.

Killer Rabbit Plush Toy


This cute rabbit may seem harmless at first sight, but it is a vicious animal that takes no prisoners. Yes, it is a plush toy that would be fun to hold and hang on to, but you could also reenact the famous Holy Grail scene to your friends and family and have plenty of your own laughs.


It goes for only $16.99 at and would be one animal toy that even some men would love to own.

Killer Rabbit Stapler


You may have a job that leaves you bored and tired, but this stapler could grant you an easy laugh or even a giggle with every look. Created with wonderful detail and feel, this Killer Rabbit may be an office product, but does come with some staples which if mishandled could bring the cruel predator right back to life.

This version of the Holy Grail animal is $19.99 and also end up being a practical gadget.

Killer Rabbit Slippers


Sneak up on your enemies during the night without making a sound with the crazy animal literally at your feet. While on one hand being a disturbed animal, these slippers would also keep your feet warm during the cold night.


A pair will set you back $34.99 at, but for the major fans it is a product that should not be overlooked.


Killer Rabbit T Shirt


You could always simply show your Monty Python love for this furry killer animal by wearing the specially designed T Shirt which also zooms in on the rabbit’s crazy teeth. Also, it is also $19.99, so it won’t hurt as much as the animal usually does.

You cannot deny the power of this Killer, and as was said in another of Monty Python’s films: ‘The Hare is Very High and the Sauce is Very Rich’.