Barack Obama Talking Gadget


If you were not tired of watching or rather, being forced to watch and listen to Obama’s and McCain’s election speeches, here is the Barack Obama Talking Doll to fill the void. You just need to push a button in order to listen to the new US President’s speeches to remind you of those days when it was all about who might win the presidential elections.

However, we now know that we will be forced to listen to Barack Obama’s speeches on the TV, on the Radio and sometimes even on the net for at least a few years. I wonder why anyone would want to buy an Obama Talking Doll when he is all over the media, and I am sure I will be overdosed within a few minutes. This doll could be the ultimate source of annoyance ever.

If you are a great fan of President Barack Obama and you just can’t have enough of him, you can buy the Mini Talking President Barack Obama Doll for $10.95. The doll needs a couple of AAA batteries. I can already hear him screaming “Together, ordinary people can do extraordinary things”.

Via: FoolishGadgets