Mini Computer Siftables


If you wanted to know which is the latest new generation device that brings about unique human-computer interfaces, you must experience the Siftables. The Siftables are biscuit-sized computers which can be used as toys by not only children but also by adults. They give the user a unique opportunity to turn the handling blocks of our ancient times into something modern and OLED enabled toy blocks. These sophisticated blocks have great many applications with regard to having fun, playing and teaching and educating children.

Though these Siftables are enabled with the most cutting-edge technology, they are minimalist and simple which is what makes them so cool. Each block comes with an OLED screen and four infrared communications modules. Using an accelerometer and Bluetooth they can interact with each other, with a computer or even with the user’s movements.


The set can be used for playing games, scrabble, or even many more serious activities. The Siftables provide the homebrew and open source community with unique opportunities for further development of apps and software and could certainly be the most advanced toy for any kid, but they can be used by adults for many other possibilities as well.

Siftables will enable the implementation of tangible, visual and mobile applications to create an interface never seen before. During David Merrill’s amazing and awe inspiring presentation, it was worth watching people’s reactions. You must watch the video too! If you like toys that are more mechanical than hi-tech, check out the Stirling Engine Kit and Mind Flex gadget.

Via: Unplggd