Funny Lenovo IdeaPad Face Recognition Ad


Ever wondered what could be the best way to advertise face recognition technology? Well put someone’s head inside the box where you type the password, and voila! You convey the essence of face recognition technology in a jiffy. That is what the creative guys and copywriters at Ogilvy, Bangalore, India thought of when they had to create an ad poster for Lenovo’s IdeaPad.

The ad poster has a denim clad man peering in to the area where one types the password. The copy reminds you at the bottom that “The Lenovo IdeaPad comes with Face Recognition Security”.

However, many would misinterpret this as Lenovo’s inability to provide password security and that people could actually peer into your passwords! Perhaps, they could have thought of something else to not confuse the viewer and allow misinterpretation. Nevertheless, the colors used are minimalist and the absence of clutter makes the poster visually appealing.

Lenovo always seems to come up with funny ads like the one above not withstanding the misinterpretation which could be possible. A year ago we featured the Funny Lenovo Thinkpad x300 ad which is almost a parody on the way MacBook Air is built in. I must say this is a cleverer ad Lenovo came up with than the one we see here.