NES Controllers in Metal Casting


What amazing NES Controller were created with Metal Casting that give them an artistic look, antique style, unique design and also give some weight to what we know as plastic toys.

There is something strangely romantic about imagining being excavated by future archaeologists many thousands of years in the future. The thought of being fossilized and frozen in time and being present physically to be able to tell a story to excavators of future is a scintillating thought.

What could be even more fascinating is the thought of our favorite articles being found by our future peoples who would get a glimpse of our ancient lives. Kenneth Botsford Jr is an interesting artist who seemed to think on these lines and created metal cast NES Controllers. He used wax, silicon molding and casting methods to create these timeless pieces of Nintendo Controllers in bronze and aluminum.


It would be interesting if a future kid would visit a museum as part of his history lessons to find all our gaming gear being displayed in a futuristic museum. He may perhaps find the whole idea funny or even inane and ancient, like a child would find the cave paintings of prehistoric men, clumsy. The thought is weird and funny at the same time. Gaming controllers meanwhile have inspired many artists to create interesting designs like the Giant SNES Controller. NES Controller even finds a place in fashion as Nintendo Controllers Evolution is beautifully depicted on a T-shirt.

Via: SpriteStitch